Green Leaf - Custom homes construction

New Home Construction

GreenLeaf is ready, willing and able to serve your interests throughout your project as a consultant or advisor. Contact us at any point in your project’s life cycle. Whether you are just beginning to sketch your ideas or are mid-pour on your foundations, we can ensure everyone on the project fulfills your timeline, budget and vision.


GreenLeaf can build your dream home today. Our company takes your vision and employs the most skilled craftsman in Fairfield County to turn your dream into reality. We know that waiting for your new home to be built can be difficult, so we do everything we can to make sure that, from foundation to finishing touches, every detail is perfect and the process is hassle-free.

We represent our clients’ interests first. We scour every detail of every project for opportunities to save costs and improve the final product we deliver.


Our Process

  • Consult the client on the building process from start to finish.
  • Should the client need help with the design, our in house designer will create a project sketch or we help to connect you with an Architect that is just right for you and your project.
  • Navigate the permit process ensuring the quickest and least stressful build process.
  • Perform the construction phase from start to finish ensuring your dream house has been built to perfection.


Our Team is always available to answer any design, process, or technical questions.